Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I have a client that's requested my assistance finding participants that would be willing to have their Kitchen used for a home improvement tv project. At this point they're not looking for actors, only for a suitable location.

What they're looking for is a small space kitchen that a professional crew would make small improvements to. Likely replacing the sink, faucets, countertops, and a few other accessories. The kitchen should have an 'urban' condo feel…but doesn't have to be a condo. Any and all fixtures/upgrades will be part of the deal and left for the owner; but to be clear it will not be a complete kitchen makeover. Also, at this time there would be no additional compensation other than the kitchen upgrade. If you're interested please email rick@springboardcreative.com by 12:00pm, Wednesday (7/9/14).

The sponsor for this project is Moen faucets so would like to see the existing sink, faucet & countertop among the kitchen pics…knowing they will probably be replaced.


Casting Notice iAmTalent Update


“I.B.” is a comedy short film about Tammy and her recent break-up with her boyfriend, Paul. In an effort to move on in her life without Paul, Tammy undergoes an unconventional detox. 
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union   Production Type: Independent 
Project length: Short Film (20 mins.) Production Company: iAmTalent, LLC   

Shooting location: Marietta, GA | Powder Springs, GA  Shoot Dates: July 17 – 20, 2014

Cast will receive  Film Credit, DVD Copy and, Meals, Snacks & Beverages as compensation.
Email Casting Submissions to: ibshortfilmcast@gmail.com . Please include your Actor’s Reel & Headshot/Resume with your submission. Submission Deadline: Friday, July 11th 11:59AM.
Role #1 53 yr. old. Caucasian woman. A mother with a New York accent.
Role #2 35 yr. old man. A manager of a fast food restaurant. A compassionate gentleman.
Role #3 40 yr. old. Middle-aged individual. Type-B personality.
Role #4 23 yr. old. Very attractive, physically fit male.

Role #5 20 yr. old. Attractive, young female model-type physique​​

Monday, July 7, 2014


Subject: Casting Notice iAmTalent


I'm with iAmTalent, a local film production company, and we are in the process of casting for a short comedic film.  We thought of reaching out to you at yourACT Acting Studio to see if any of your actors would be interested in being a part of the film.  Here is the short draft of the Casting Call and attached is the full length Casting Notice.  Our Casting Director is also interested to see if there are any open sessions for your school that can be attended from now until this Thursday.  Any Actor's Reel and Resume submissions can be sent back to me at clars@uga.edu or ibshortfilmcast@gmail.com, along with any questions you might have about the project.  Please let me know if your school is interested in passing this opportunity along to your actors, as the submission deadline for the project is rapidly approaching.  

Thanks for your consideration,

Connor Larson