Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Read for an Agent" WORKSHOP with SALLY NEAL


Get a wonderful opportunity to read for a top voiceover agent without having to put together a demo to submit. In a small group class, you’ll be given direction and allowed to re-read the copy, which gives you the feel of real auditioning.  A veteran of decades of advertising, production and casting, Sally Neal of Houghton Talent has been an agent for 25 years with the top agencies in Atlanta. Her honest assessment and advice has been sought after by talent around the country. Get in on this amazing chance at only $99 for two hours of learning. Limited to 12. Saturday September 28th, 1-3p


Casting for a short student film “Sincerely, Regret.” The story about Tom Adams, a man who lets his curiosity get the best of him. He is then faced with the consequences of those actions, which could destroy his life. He and a friend happen upon a box which entices them to open and see its content.  Tom’s curiosity throws him into another dimension where he finds himself trapped with a mysterious stranger.

Tom Adams: Male 25-35, inquisitive, curious to a fault and can’t help himself.
The Man: Male 25-35, strong, mysterious and divisive who uses Tom to escape the fourth dimension.

To apply, submit headshots & résumés to
Chuck Ballard
(678) 4726284
Compensation will be a copy of the film, credit, and meals.

Auditions will be Sat. Sept. 21 

Casting for Short film

The Hitchhiker

Casting for the short film "The Hitchhiker."  A man suspicious of his wife’s activities secretly follows her one night. As he does he is haunted by a mysterious hitchhiker, who  begins to pursue him. She eventually  catches up to him to ultimately ends his curiosity. 

SeekingRod Sterling: 25-35, a sluggish business man who is a throw back to the 60’s. His worrisome life reflects on his very character.

SeekingMiriam Sterling: 20-30, an innocent yet cautious character. She never wants her husband to find out what her "hobby" is. Miriam a supernatural character switching from a simple housewife to a psycho hitchhiker.

To apply, submit pix & résumés to 
NIcole Powell
Compensation will be a copy of the film, credit, and meals.

Auditions will be Sat. Sept. 21


TRUCK TURNER PRODUCTIONS is now casting for a new webseries.

A quirky story of a small time pimp who reluctantly allows his sister to join the business.   He struggles to manage her when she decides to make a hobby of prostitution.

Faruk, (20ish), brown or dark skinned African-American. Really smooth with the ladies. An aggressive visionary running an illegal venture.

Ivy (20ish) very attractive female (any race).  She secretly loves Faruk and is willing to whatever he wants.

Ree Ree (20ish) very attractive African-American female. One of  Faruk’s girls, thinks she runs everything, but runs nothing but her mouth.

Christy, (20ish), brown or dark skinned African-American female. Faruk’s sister who is tired of her 9 to 5 job and decides to try prostitution.

Mike, (20ish), African-American male. He is Faruk’s right hand man and partner in his venture.

Linda, (20ish) very attractive, show stopping female (any race).

Rico (20ish) African-American or Spanish male.  Faruk’s main competition in the business.

Detective, (mid to late 30’s) a corrupt, hard nose, no-nonsense guy.

Please send your head shot, resume and contact information to: