Friday, May 13, 2011

The Stories We Make Up

Actors and artists are brilliant at making up stories.
In fact, you're so good at it that it could be killing your acting career. Here's what happens. You go into an audition room. You give a really great audition. And whammo, you get the ever-dreaded "Thank you," and suddenly the great work you just did doesn't mean a thing in your mind. After all, every actor "knows" that when someone says "Thank You" it means "No Thank You," right?


"Thank You" means "Thank You." Period. Any other 'story' you put around it is your own. I'm sure you've made up plenty of those stories. We all do it. You've decided at some time or another that "Thank you" really meant "Thank you, you suck." But in truth, you have NO IDEA what that "Thank you" really meant. But our fabulous brain MUST MAKE UP SOMETHING so it can file it somewhere in its "database" under "what Thank you means."

Trust me, we're not just making up stories about what "Thank you" means. At every moment our brains are making up all kinds of stories that are well, FRANKLY NOT TRUE! At the foundation of fact there is simply what happened and what didn't happen. That's it!

What have you been making up?

Stop IT! 8 (other) Stories That are Killing Your Acting Career

1. "That casting director just doesn't like me"

2. "I sucked at that audition"

3. "I didn't really want to be in that show [film, play, etc] anyway."

4. "They can't tell anything in only 16 bars [30 seconds, 5 minutes, etc.]"

5. "That person behind the desk [camera] is probably just an intern."

6. "I heard the role was already cast."

7. "The industry is closed to newcomers."

8. "They only want stars"


Work IT: Your Work IT! Action

Become acutely aware of the stories you're making up and stop it!

Think IT: Words of Wisdom

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."
Aldous Huxley

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  1. Someone snuck inside my head and wrote this piece. Thank you sooo much-we do to be reminded of this, probably daily if not hourly!