Friday, August 16, 2013


Absolute Media Productions (AMP)

"You Can Count On Me" Pilot Project

NO PAY GIG - All participating actors will get a full copy of the pilot and will be able to use the footage for their reel.

August 22nd 12:00n-8:00p 
Taco's and Burrito's Mexican
256 Scenic Highway
Lawrenceville, GA 30045

A story about a family that is happy-go-lucky on the surface but soon they find out just how much they need each other when the going gets tough. 

Roles we are looking to fill: (All below are speaking roles)

Ronnie: (30-45) African American male. Stocky type preferred.
LaToya: (30-40) African American female. Attractive, slender or toned preferred.
LaTera: (10-13) African American preteen female. 
Chris:  (10-13) African American preteen male. Good Looking.
Ginnie: (50-70) African American female. Plus size preferred.
Ben:    (50-80) African American male. 
Johnnie: (25-30) African American male.
Mrs. Reagan: (30-60) Caucasian preferred.
Dr. Vaughn: (36-60) Caucasian preferred.
Nurse 1:(Over 20) 
Older Kid: (14-18)
Principal Lanier: (Over 35)
Student 1: (10-13)
Student 2: (10-13)

Absolute Media Productions (AMP)
-Tony Thomas


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