Thursday, September 19, 2013


TRUCK TURNER PRODUCTIONS is now casting for a new webseries.

A quirky story of a small time pimp who reluctantly allows his sister to join the business.   He struggles to manage her when she decides to make a hobby of prostitution.

Faruk, (20ish), brown or dark skinned African-American. Really smooth with the ladies. An aggressive visionary running an illegal venture.

Ivy (20ish) very attractive female (any race).  She secretly loves Faruk and is willing to whatever he wants.

Ree Ree (20ish) very attractive African-American female. One of  Faruk’s girls, thinks she runs everything, but runs nothing but her mouth.

Christy, (20ish), brown or dark skinned African-American female. Faruk’s sister who is tired of her 9 to 5 job and decides to try prostitution.

Mike, (20ish), African-American male. He is Faruk’s right hand man and partner in his venture.

Linda, (20ish) very attractive, show stopping female (any race).

Rico (20ish) African-American or Spanish male.  Faruk’s main competition in the business.

Detective, (mid to late 30’s) a corrupt, hard nose, no-nonsense guy.

Please send your head shot, resume and contact information to:

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