Wednesday, April 30, 2014

HYLTON CASTING - Extras ages 18 and older

Casting Extras for the Starz Original TV series "Survivor's Remorse"

The Starz Original TV series "Survivor's Remorse" is casting extras for filming in Atlanta, GA May-July 2014. The extras rate is $64/8 hours (with an 8 hour guarantee, overtime after 8 hours.)

We are currently casting the following extra roles:
*Extras of all looks and ethnicities, ages 18 and older
*African American male twins, 2-3 years old
*Press conference extras, news reporters, camera crew, and photographers
*Extras with a law enforcement or military background, experienced police officers
*Gala extras, men and women who own gowns and tuxedos
*Experienced basketball players, referees, coaches, table officials, and cheerleaders
*Experienced servers, cocktail waitresses, bartenders
*Extras with high-end luxury cars
*Featured model extras who are comfortable with implied/semi-nudity (Specialty extra rate: $90/8 hours)

To submit, please visit:

**If you have already submitted on our website, you do not need to resubmit. We have your information on file and will consider you for roles on this project.

Thank you!



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