Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Della's First Audio Book voiced for Marsha Roberts "Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer and her Parable of the Tomato Plant"

Della Cole has teamed up once again with her great friend Marsha Roberts, Producer of the long running production "Letters from the Front." Della starred around the world in this powerful and moving show designed specifically for our American troops. Now many of those adventures are chronicled in Marsha's best-selling book "Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer and her Parable of the Tomato Plant."

One of the most memorable scenes is set in Germany. While Della is performing, American troops are landing right outside the theatre, coming home from the front. Unforgettable memories for both of these seasoned professionals.

This time the project was turning Marsha's book into an audiobook and, naturally Della was Marsha's first choice to do the narration. This unique memoir has been called "Funny, touching and inspirational" ~ "Heart tugging and heartwarming" ~ "Delightful!" And Kirkus Reviews said it was "An optimistic look at the magic of life." A perfect combination of acting talent and material, since Della is known for her big heart and her sense of humor.

For Della, it was a labor of love. "I've known Marsha for so long and experienced many of the stories in her book with her. There were times when I was doing the narration that I had to stop because I was either laughing out loud or there were tears in my eyes. I looked forward to every session. It was a joy to read - I just love this book!"

"As for me," Marsha Roberts shares, "I couldn't imagine anyone but Della narrating my book. She's done a fabulous job, so much heart in every word. I'm so very proud of the finished audiobook!"

For anyone who is a fan of Della Cole, or would love to hear an entertaining and uplifting story, this is for you! It has just been released and is available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. The link below will take you to Amazon which has a link to Audible. You can also download it for free using the Audible 30-Day Free Sample program. With iTunes, simply type in the name and you'll quickly find it.
Marsha Roberts ~
Author of "Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer"

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