Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Netherworld Film Project

The Netherworld Film Project has the simple goal of expanding the Netherworld Haunted House experience into a feature length movie.
What is the Netherworld? It is one of the most revered haunted house attractions in the entire world. Constantly rated one of the top haunted houses in the United States by Hauntworld and rated the #6 all-time influential haunt in the world by the Travel Channel. The Netherworld haunted house is a walk through attraction filled with terrifying live actors, amazing special effects and incredible monsters.
Netherworld Haunted House is the most horrifying haunted house in the nation! Boasting the biggest and baddest animatronics, insanely elaborate sets and the most dedicated actors. Quite frankly, Netherworld raises the bar for Halloween terror. (to learn more about The NETHERWORLD Haunted House visit www.fearworld.com )
For those who have had the pleasure of going to the Netherworld Haunted house it often feels like you’ve been cast into another dimension, one of horror, fantasy, and terror. 
Sadly, Netherworld is only accessible during the season of the haunting. But what if the Netherworld experience could be expanded so that you could see more of what lies behind the curtain? Think of how exciting this would be. The good news is you can make this happen.
It’s called the Netherworld Film Project. A project with the simple goal of creating a feature length film shot on location in the Netherworld Haunted House using its’ amazing creatures and horrifying characters. 
HOW DID THE NETHERWORLD PROJECT COME ABOUT? After a group of film makers created the 2013 Netherworld television commercial they approached the owners of the Netherworld with the idea of utilizing their Hollywood like creatures and stunning location to shoot a captivating feature film. Being huge fans themselves, these film makers believe that a Netherworld film project is a fantastic idea since so many fans already want to see more of what lurks in the dark recesses of the Netherworld.
Matt Green, the film’s Director Matt has 15 years of feature film making experience. He also is a creature creator himself with almost 30 years of creature and makeup FX work to his credit.
Herschel Horton, our Director of Photography Herschel has a deep passion for creating mood through film. He has been a working Director of Photography for over seven years and has shot many films, music videos and short films.
Matt McGahren, Producer/Assistant Director Matt has actively involved himself in the filmmaking process since 2000 as both a producer and directorHe is also the founder of Iron Shadow Cinema.
Richard Rosenthal, Producer Richard has worked as a production manager and producer on numerous film projects. He excels in maintaining organization and will keep the Netherworld Film Project on schedule for an efficient completion.
WHAT IS THE FILM ABOUT? Ah, what would be the fun of knowing the story before you see it? We can, however, tell you that it will be a dark horrifying fantasy with many of the Netherworld creatures as well as a few new ones. The film will take place in both the real world where creatures will run amok, As well as in the Netherworld, an alternate world where creatures and horror reign supreme.
WHAT WILL THE FUNDING BE USED FOR? All the Kickstarter money raised for this project will pay for actors, crew and all the magic needed to make a great film. 
The film makers already have the equipment in place so we can spend more of the Kickstarter funds to make a truly unique film.
WHAT DO YOU GET IF YOU CONTRIBUTE? We have a large list of rewards available for everyone who contributes. Rewards levels include items such as tee-shirts, posters, DVD’s as well as a featured creature role in the film. For everyone who contributes twenty five dollars or more they will receive a credit at the end of the movie. Go to the rewards section to see what other cool rewards are available.
WHAT IF WE EXCEED OUR FUNDRAISING GOAL? That would be awesome! Our Minimum goal is $30,000 but our stretch goal is $100,000 The more we exceed the Kickstarter goal, the broader the scope of the film can be. For instance, we will be able to add more creatures and animatronic characters as well as adding a miniature unit to the project. We also would be able to have cameo appearances by well known horror actors to make this a truly awesome viewing experience.
WHEN WILL THE FILM BE COMPLETED? We plan to have the film completed and ready to be seen by the end of September of this year.
IN CONCLUSION: We need your help to bring the Netherworld creatures and characters to life on the screen. We cannot make this film without you.
Help us realize this the horrific splendor that is NETHERWORLD by contributing today!

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